Monday, October 31, 2011

bits of my weekend vol. 74

hello, my lovelies. i am back from the dead. funny how a sinus infection can just about kill a whole week if not more.

and speaking of death and killing, let's dispense with halloween. my least favorite holiday. and let me tell you why.

last year
a perfectly adorable child ... (far left)...

this year
turns into this.

it would be super duper great if we could just go back to this moment.

and relive it every halloween.


great. glad we could talk that through.

moving on. over the weekend i dragged myself to a giant garage sale, at which i got approximately a million new shirts, dresses, toys and puzzles for exactly $19.

i'm now addicted to thrifting. i mean, it's official.

digging through other people's crap is fun.

here's one of the fun games we got.

we also got chutes and ladders. it didn't come with a spinner, so we decided dice would work. but we didn't have one.

so we made one out of playdoh.

cuz that's how we roll.

we also got this most awesome book.

you didn't think i'd skip the most awesome vintage book table, did you?

i love it that they use terms like "chum" and "jalopy."

it does slow down the reading aloud part, though, explaining to the boy what chums and jalopies are.

but just think of the vocabulary he's building.

the boy did some climbing and monkey-barring after the sale.

and some old fashioned stick tossing.

i gotta say he's pretty awesome.

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