Wednesday, November 23, 2011

tuesday wrap-up.

the field trip to the frist center was fun. the boy learned tons about egyptian history during a docent tour of the brooklyn museum exhibit, to live forever. he even made this egyptian necklace!

i had fun joining him on the field trip though i had to dash off in the middle to go interview john seigenthaler, a civil rights legend, former freedom rider, and right hand man to bobby kennedy and jfk back in the day.

image is copyright John Russell/Vanderbilt

i was beyond honored to meet him and am looking forward to writing the article on his organization, the freedom forum.

i was not pleased that i was ten minutes late, sweaty and had rain-tousled hair, but you can't have everything. he didn't seem to notice, thank goodness.

the photo is by my friend and staff photographer john russell, and it's copyrighted so please don't re-post. what good friends i have. and how lucky i am to have this job.

peace and love to you - happy thanksgiving in advance!

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