Wednesday, November 9, 2011

i dream of indian food.

when i walk into an indian restaurant, i just start to feel all happy in side.

the smells are intoxicating to me.

i love indian food, indian movies, indian clothes, indian accents ... i must have been an indian in a past life.

if i believed in past lives. which i really don't.

but i really do like indian food.

i just never get tired of it. the curries, the pakoras, the dosas, the naan. oh how i love them.

bombay palace
is my favorite. the chef incorporates potatoes, my favorite vegetable, in so many wonderful ways, including little potato fritters. spicy. delicious.

do you have a cuisine you adore? what food speaks to you?

PS here is the indian food i had two years ago during an NYC trip that happened to take place during the hindu holiday of diwali. i completely missed diwali this year. did you ever see the diwali episode of the office? so good.

1 comment:

Suzyfein said...

I know where we are going to lunch next time! :) Oh, how I love Indian food! These photos are lovely.

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