Wednesday, October 21, 2009

nyc i miss you

i'm not yet ready for the memories to fade. what a wonderful weekend. unfortunately, now i'm back to reality.

here are a few pictures of me and my wonderful sisters charlotte and jean. jean's colleague allowed us to take over his madison ave. penthouse for the weekend and we still can't believe our luck (and his generosity). jean's co-worker brooke also joined us for the first night.

we shopped at a street fair in the village, saw an art show in tribecca, navigated the crazy streets of chinatown, and of course, ate like royalty. chinese-cantonese food, indian food, french-moroccan ... and no shock here: cupcakes. (in short: Magnolia = bad; Crumbs = good).

best of all, i got to be with my sisters. it could have been cleveland in february (no offense, cleveland-ites) and i still would have had a ball.

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