Wednesday, November 16, 2011

bits of my weekend vol. 76: nyc part three.

saturday was a day of food and film, taxis and trains and pure inspiration. where do i begin?

brunch at the red rooster in harlem was a revelation.

i met up with twinnie and her cousin by marriage, tracey kemble.

tracey oversees the foundation for red rooster's chef, marcus samuelsson, as well as being a tv and film producer in nyc.

she is kind, generous, loving and simply glows. what a lovely, lovely woman.

and the food, the food!

we had a feast!

rooster scrambled eggs with tomatoes and mozzarella ...

cinnamon raisin french toast - unbelievably moist and sweet - with nutella whip and fresh berries ...

the lenox smorgasbord, with gravlox, smoked trout and country ham ...

... and biscuits with red-eye gravy.

marcus' twist on traditional soul food is simply inspired.

photo courtesy

here's marcus.

we weren't able to see him because he was in miami over the weekend.

but we can always catch him on the next iron chef on food network.

photo courtesy

here's the rooster's fantastic manager, peter. what a gem. he took great care of us.

we talked for more than two hours over amazing food and fantastic coffee.

i never wanted to leave.

but the day held many more adventures and so we got on the subway and headed back to midtown. the rest will have to wait until tomorrow, my lovelies.


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