Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Bits of my weekend vol. 76: nyc part two.

nyc is always fabulous. especially when you have tickets to a fantastic film panel at the gorgeous historic public library (more on that later).

my twinnie was working in nyc over the weekend so we made plans to meet up. but since she was pretty busy, i did have a lot of time to explore the city on my own. (my favorite thing to do).

the luncheonette near my hotel was the perfect place to kick things off with a hearty cup of coffee, an omelet and hash browns.

i always try to blend in and not look like a silly tourist. but when you ask the waiter to take your picture, pretty much you're busted.

it was 11-11-11, veterans day, so there was a parade. only in nyc would you see a tank in front of harry winston.

everyone was waving flags and there were service men and women everywhere. very inspiring.

most inspiring of all was meeting a real tuskegee airman! i saw him observing the parade, in uniform, and of course asked to shake his hand. but he was spending time with his family so i didn't bug him for a picture.

i regret that now.

the city was festive. the hotdog carts were decked out with roasted chestnuts.

can you imagine? on november 11? seems the city was already in full-on christmas mode. even the tree was up at Rockefeller center. not decorated quite yet, but it was there.

and though the weather was mild, the silly tourists were bundled up and skating like it was 10 below. (more on that in a minute)

as it got dark and much cooler, i came across an encampment of folks, shivering and bundled up in sleeping bags, drinking hot tea and generally looking miserable.

was it occupy wall street?

no. it was not.

ah ... now i see.

and the pièce de résistance ... the rink at rock center.

it was a madhouse. but i wouldn't have missed seeing it for the world.

more tomorrow, my lovelies.

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