Wednesday, August 31, 2011

wednesday wuvlies: vintage bikes.

copyright vanderbilt university/john russell

i am on the hunt for a vintage bike cruiser, huffy or schwinn. i prefer blue, as you well know. but could be swayed toward red.

this fall i hope to cruise around campus at lunchtime. wouldn't that be such a glorious fall thing to do?

here are a few lovelies i have seen around campus and around town.

remember this sweet thing that was abandoned for a whole two weeks, chained to this pole? i would have adopted it if i could. and believe me, i tried.

this seems to be the same bike a year later. it was fun to see my bike crush again. i thought it was gone forever.

now if only i had some wire cutters.

i saw this one in a store window. it's cute, but too fancy. i like old school.

now that's old school.

and here's the inspiration: my big brother circa 1970 on his cool red bike.

doesn't get any cooler.

what are you dreaming about today?

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