Tuesday, August 30, 2011

my latest sin.

when i bought this bird pillow from pangaea, i thought of my lovely friend rose, a woman i knew growing up in illinois. she shared a modest historic home in peoria with her husband and three growing sons.

she was on a tight budget, but when we visited her, she always got out her china and finest stemware to entertain. the time with her was always transformed into something enchanting, and beautiful, and filled with love.

rose understood the art of finding beauty in the little things.

once, she showed my sisters and me this tiny china pitcher she had found at a thrift store. it was delicate and lovely and so very rose.

she smiled shyly and said, "this is my latest sin."

i understand now that passion for beauty, and realizing that when you find it you have to hold it tightly.

rose, i miss you. where ever you are, i'm sure you're wearing a crisp cotton dress and drinking tea from a proper cup.

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