Monday, August 22, 2011

Bits of my weekend vol. 64.

we went to shakespeare in the park. mainly to stalk my favorite new blogger, melodie of tin can treats.

and now we are friends! stalking no longer required!

cool how that worked out.

another food truck on site was yayo's omg (original mexican gourmet). we had this classed-up quesadilla.

super yum.

i never planned to stay for the actual show (Romeo and Juliet), figuring the boy would be bored to tears.

i was wrong.

he loved it. especially the stage fighting.

especially when a guy got hit over the head with a tin bucket.

he actually cried when we left early to get him home to bed.

he was spellbound.

we also saw one of our bffs this weekend.

oh how we love us some winston.

and it was free ben and jerry's day at the pool.

pretty awesome.

and the piece de cupcake?

a visit to ivycake in brentwood.

i'm still swooning (more on that later).

i'm in quite a rush so i have to run!

have a great week, my lovelies!

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