Thursday, August 4, 2011

melodie and mr. matty.

i recently learned of this fabulous blogger, melodie.

she's a nashvillian, a foodie, a singer, and a fashionista who loves all things vintage.

her website, pink cupcake vintage, is to die for.

and how cool is this? she has her own food truck, tin can treats, which she runs with her husband, mr. matty.

their 1965 shasta arflyte camper is named "doris."

um, adorable.

again, adorable.

the truck goes around nashville, but also is rentable for private parties, birthday parties, photo shoots ...

... even weddings.

all food truck photos by the amazing tec petaja

times one thousand.

i looked up "fabulous" in the webster's dictionary and her picture came up.


check out melodie's blog here.

and find the fabulous in you today!


Suzyfein said...

Thanks for sharing this, Joan! I can already tell her blog is gonna be one of my new favorites. London's first birthday is next Sunday, and the theme is "vintage picnic"...wish I could hire Tin Can Treats! I will definitely get ideas from her blog, though.

Leisa Hammett said...

Hey, Joan. I didn't immediately recognize who you were via our BUMC class list reply all. Does this make you no. 7? See my email just sent. Goodness! Nice to see you here online and I JUST read the shark story this morning before I clicked on your blog link. Cheers!

pink cupcake vintage said...

Joan- I am beyond flattered by this post! You are soo sweet! please stop by the truck soon so I can meet you! We will be at Shakespeare in the Park starting August 18th! Thanks again!

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