Monday, July 18, 2011

bits of my weekend vol. 59. and a giveaway!


granny, a.k.a., my mom, sent books.

oh how i love books.

especially vintage children's books. she and i bought these when i was in the heartland, and we decided they were too heavy to put in my suitcase.

i especially love children's books published in the 1960s, by authors like edith thatcher hurd and sid hoff ... books that smell like old paper ... books that still have the old library card in the pocket on the inside cover ... a library card that hasn't been stamped since 1976 ...

did i mention i love books?

the boy and i went to quiet church.

he insisted on dressing up.

it's kind of his thing right now.

he's already asked if he can wear his ties to kindergarten.

what a lovely, quiet place.

except when an almost-six-year-old eats cheezits during the homily.

we were a little early so decided to walk around the neighborhood.

look how brown my little bug is.

we stopped by the frist center, which wasn't open yet so we didn't go inside. but the boy declared the large balcony overlooking broadway the perfect place for his next birthday party.


we saw the "andy warthog" exhibit last weekend.

that's what the boy calls it.

then we meandered through the gorgeous union station hotel.

it used to be an old train station.

and it's so beautiful inside.

especially from above.

perhaps the perfect place for my next birthday party.

Don't forget that i'm giving away coffee from the fabulous buddy brew in tampa. leave me a comment here about why you love coffee and you'll be entered in the drawing.

if you have trouble commenting, friend me on facebook and leave the comment there!

PS the night market at nashville farmer's market with young jenny was fantastic. but i forgot my camera, so you'll just have to imagine the perfect night under the full moon: live music, gorgeous fruits and vegetables and a lively crowd. ironically, i didn't buy any produce. just organic homemade cookies that were terrific: a giant ginger snap cookie which i snarfed as soon as i got home, and a chocolate chili cookie that was out of this world.

i highly recommend this totally fun, cool and semi-hipster event. every month under the full moon, baby.

1 comment:

Suzyfein said...

Not sure if it is too late to enter the drawing, but here's my comment!

I love coffee because I love the experience. Sometimes it is taking a few minutes for myself at home in the morning, sitting at my bistro table in the kitchen, drinking a cup of freshly brewed coffee with cream and watching the birds feeding outside my window. The experience might be enjoying a cup at a local coffee shop. I even enjoy coffee when stopping at a convenience store on a road trip.

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