Monday, June 20, 2011

bits of my weekend, volume 55.

friday night i hit the local taco with tex and her young'ns, and man, was it tasty.

this is pretty much the best fish taco i've had in long time.

eat local, people, eat local.

and here's something fun: i went to sweetwise's extreme cookies and cupcakes class with my work friend jenny (pictured), who is part of my lunch crew and pretty much my go-to gal whenever i need to know anything about technology, music or pop culture.

and she can pull off a decent scottish accent, which not a lot of people can do.

the class was fun. we made tiny fondant roses ...

... imprinted fondant and applied it to cookies ...

... and made some little fondant leaves. aren't these fun?

we also learned to pipe and fill with royal icing and how to fill a cupcake with chocolate bavarian cream.

here's my display of goodies.

oh, and the boy and i dashed to the library to return books but didn't get any new ones because we're going on vacation friday and i didn't want any overdue books waiting for us when we get home after the fourth.

and, in completely unrelated but not totally unexpected news, i saw this really cool blue scooter.

it's just a 50 cc so it only goes about 40 mph, handy for riding around town but you don't need a motorcycle license to drive it. cool.

PS: katy perry's "firework" (though questionable grammar-wise) is my theme song these days.

PPS: what did you do this weekend? seriously, tell me.

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Christopher Fenoglio said...

I had a wonderful Father's Day this past weekend. All three college-aged children were home and took me to the Corner Pub for lunch. We then went to Bellevue 8 and watched Super 8, a very enjoyable summer flick.

Enjoy your vacation in Illinois and Florida!


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