Wednesday, February 2, 2011

ground hogs, etc.

happy groundhog day! i did not take this picture, but isn't he a gorgeous beast?

this morning it was cloudy in nashville, so i'm going to assume that means spring is on the way. yes? yes.

when we lived in the country, we saw groundhogs fairly often and it was always a joyous affair.

we could never get very close to one, due to their extreme sense of hearing. the moment they heard me reach for my camera, they'd skeedaddle.

so the images i captured were usually blurry and of the low quality you see here.

but in our little family, we always considered it a good day when we saw a groundhog.

a good day indeed.

now that we're in the city, we don't see them at all. it's kind of sad, really.

last year the boy made this.

this year he made this.

notice the groundhogs coming up up up out of their holes.

and the squirrels above them, pelting them with acorns.

have a happy happy day!

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