Monday, January 10, 2011

bits of my weekend vol. 32

a quiet weekend it was. we baked bug cakes using our williams sonoma bug cake pan.

they're supposed to look like this.

despite the fact that the icing looked quite a bit like velveeta cheese dip, they actually turned out pretty yummy.

on sunday, we dressed up.

boy do we like dressing up.

and we went on a sushi adventure.

ken's sushi is our favorite.

sometime i'll snap a photo of ken so you can see who i'm talking about.

or just stop by his restaurant on division. he's always there.

we played with legos. the entire 1,700 piece set is now assembled.

and oh yes, did i mention: we woke up to this.


good thing we recently bought the boy a new coat - extra warm, yet lightweight.

hurray for snow! the boy took the day off of school to go sledding with daddy.

have a wonderful week!

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