Monday, January 3, 2011

bits of my weekend vol. 31

the tree is unclothed. the ornaments are going back into their boxes, soon to be packed away until next year.


at least we had new year's eve to be festive and try to eek out a tiny bit of conviviality before the season of overkill came to a close.

we spent the evening making new year's eve masks and crowns.

what? you didn't?

well, you really missed out.

oh, and then we baked pies.

and took them to all our favorite neighbors.

you know, like you do.

we finished off the weekend with a visit to "quiet church" (episcopalian, as opposed to our usual rock-n-roll church, aka, "loud church") and shoved our pie holes with pancakes at the world famous pancake pantry.

the boy gave up on his polka dot pancakes rather quickly and gave me a mournful look.

"mommy, these pancakes are too much like a treat. i really would rather have something healthy.

like a bowl of fruit."

that's verbatim.

just when the post holidays blues set in, niece sydney stopped by on her way back from UT to bring gifts and suddenly it was christmas all over again.

the lego set he's holding has a mere one thousand seven hundred pieces.

one thousand seven hundred.

so at least we don't have to worry about being bored in the new year.

happy new year my lovelies, and thanks for reading!

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