Friday, December 31, 2010

froggy-palooza, friday vanities and best latte ever.

we bought two more frogs.

and a larger aquarium that hopefully is kitty-proof.

hopefully there will be no more frog-acides in our near future.

however, millie remains very, very interested in the frogs.

bad kitty! bad!

{{deep sigh}}

and now, in completely unrelated news, i've discovered a latte that is mind blowing.

no, really. trust me on this.

go to dose on murphy road in nashville now - run, don't walk - and get the ginger latte.

it will rock your world. i guarantee it.

and look how pretty.

and now, last but not least, let's clear out the vanity plates file so we can start fresh in the new year. here goes.

joy, love and peace to you in the new year!

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