Saturday, December 11, 2010

christmas cards make me happy. very, very happy.

my christmas cards are here and ready to be addressed!

i can hardly stand it.

i love sending christmas cards and love getting them even more.

my list ranges from close family and friends to second cousins, childhood sunday school teachers, and a dear friend i worked with back in 1991 who moved to seattle.

why not? share the love, i say!

i upload my images to walgreens, which doesn't make the fanciest card in the world, but they are affordable, which means i can send out a ton of them.

they are ready in an hour, and i go pick them up, and voila! it's done!

well, not completely. i print out my address list on labels, and print out return address labels too. buy stamps, stick the labels, drop them in the mail, and i'm done.

i know there are much fancier cards out there that include professional photos and expensive paper and hand-calligraphed addresses.

but what's the point if your christmas cards are so expensive you are forced to horde them, and only send out to your elite list, and then grudgingly to someone not on the list if they send one to you?

it happens all the time, people.

and that's not in the holiday spirit at all, if you ask me.

give freely of your christmas cards! give freely!

this is the card I sent when the boy was just three months old (he's a september baby).

look mom! no hair!

here he is just after his first birthday.

at age two he had gorgeous blond curls.

once we trimmed the curls, as predicted, they did not grow back curly. and the blonde turned ashy. but he kept those beautiful baby blues.

at four he started turning into a little man.

now, at five, he's just a character. he cracks me up every day.

so if you're on my list, you'll be getting a card soon. if you're not, and want to be, leave me a comment.

happy holidays and if you're sending cards, don't be stingy!

1 comment:

by Don Davidson said...

No need to send a card, Joan, but thanks for sharing the Jack Henry holiday chronology. It makes me miss my "little" boys, who are now very much grown and grown.

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