Monday, December 13, 2010

bits of my weekend vol. 28

what a glorious weekend!

sunday we got gussied up and went to starbucks and then the episcopal cathedral in downtown nashville. it was snowing outside and it felt so christmassy. we just had to get out in it.

i was so impressed with my little man. he sat quietly through the service and was a perfect angel.

he even joined me at the alter for communion.

the priest congratulated him on his dinosaur necktie.

what a good, good boy!

then we joined the throngs at fido, where we dined on pancakes with whipped cream and an egg-spinach-portobella mushroom burrito.

the place was packed and we sat and watched it snow. we don't get much snow in nashville, so it was quite a treat!

then we came home to get ready for our "white christmas" party.

the boy decorated with balloons that he rubbed on his hair and stuck to the wall.

very clever, i thought.

even if it did turn into a scary monster-transformer thing.

then our neighbor katie came over and we had hot chocolate ...

and of course watched my favorite movie, white christmas.

it snowed the whole day. it doesn't get any better than that.

then we fell asleep with sugar plumbs dancing in our heads.

now it's back to work, despite the fact that nashvillians don't know how to drive on snow and generally don't have the proper footwear.

happy almost-christmas!

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