Tuesday, December 28, 2010

bits of my weekend vol. 30

we pretty much milked christmas for all it was worth this year.

and it was awesome.

we watched every christmas special there was and rented all four home alone movies. we baked and decorated and read books about santa, and read books about jesus and explained the difference.

christmas eve came at last.

the boy insisted we go to the mall on the busiest shopping day ever.

and you know what? it wasn't that bad.

and he got a carousel ride out of it.

then we went to church for a rocking christmas eve service. there was an actual orchestra of ipads. it's kind of hard to explain, but very cool. also some more traditional carols and they made it snow on stage.

they handed out candles (and glow sticks), which the boy thought was pretty fun.

then we headed home to get ready for santa (and the snow).

the boy decided reindeer enjoy bread so we put out nine slices. one each.

and then, it was christmas.

we put on my favorite movie in the background while the boy opened presents.

oh, and there was snow. just enough. nashville's first white christmas in 17 years.


millie got a new mouse. which she loves. except the catnip inside it gets her all crazy-like.

the boy got (among other things) a gorgeous cuddly chinese red panda.

which he named "possum-y"


it's all a blur now, but at some point there were fantastic banana chocolate chip pancakes.

my favorite.

(thanks, hubz!)

the frogs danced all weekend long and did yoga.

except when millie got hopped up on catnip and started taking swipes at them.

then they were very, very still.

the boy set up guards.

just in case.

later we got kind of stir-crazy and decided to go driving in the snow, looking for an open restaurant.

the golden coast was open.

chinese food on christmas day.

i've always wanted to do that.

it was super good.

the whole next day we played with christmas toys, especially the boy's favorite: play mobile.

santa brought him an entire veterinarian clinic, complete with x-ray machine.

on thursday we'll see my niece sydney who is studying to be a vet at UT.

we're all going to the music city bowl.

my brother-in-law scored the best kind of football tickets ever.

the kind that are indoors in a comfy viewing box.

with refreshments.

(thanks, mike!)

and though my loyalties prohibit me from wearing orange, i'll have fun none the less.

lastly, we ended our christmas weekend doing something educational.

well, sort of.

we visited krispy kreme and let the boy see the whole donut making process, from the river of boiling oil to the frosting waterfall.

yeah, it was pretty cool.

merry christmas to all! i'm back to work and on deadline so i have to get back at it.

i'm out. peace!


Stephanie said...

Just discovered your blog through another that I read...and it looks like we are neighbors !:)! That's my yard in your snow photo with the fence and playset. Crazy!! I have 2 boys, ages 6 and 7. Maybe we will see you in the 'hood!

Joan said...

that's so crazy! wow! we'll definitely see you around!

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