Tuesday, November 2, 2010

we voted. did you?

our voting place was at the fire station.

here's how the conversation went on the way there:

mommy, what's voting?

well, you know how you each get the chance to be the lunch helper at school?

yes, mommy.

well, let's say everyone in the class got to help pick who was the lunch helper.

but we don't. miss claire picks.

ok, but let's say you did. let's say you raised your hand for whoever you wanted, and whoever got the most votes got to be the lunch helper.

but we don't do it like that.

well, let's say you did, and let's say winston got 10 votes and you got 3 votes and isaac got 7 votes.

but why did i only get 3 votes and winnie got 10?

nevermind. let's go look at the fire truck.

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