Monday, November 1, 2010

bits of my weekend vol. 22; aka halloween weekend.

halloween is over, thank goodness.

it seems like we've been doing halloween activities for a month.

let me just say that my "mad men"-style secretary costume was a big hit!

my only regret is that my hair just wasn't big enough.

here i am with the boy and our friend katie at the apartment party.

katie went as sarah palin.

despite sniffles and coughs, the boy wanted to play outside on saturday so we went to the park.

here he is, digging for acorns in the creek.

ever feel like you're being watched?

then we went trick-or-treating with the boy's good buddy winston.

captain hook and batman.

they were a sight to see.

the boy was over the moon to run from house to house getting buckets of candy.

and he showed this animatronic pirate who was boss.

i couldn't figure out how to make my flash work, so i left the really good photography to the other parents who went along.

i'll share those when i get them.

hurray for the end of halloween! can i get out my christmas decorations now?

seriously. i want to.

have a great week!

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