Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Bits of my weekend volume 16

this was a travelin' weekend for me, hubz and the boy.

our first stop was memphis (germantown), tenn., where we visited with auntie dawn and uncle mike.

they of course had cool gifts for the boy's recent birthday.

this is a giant bacugan. err ... bacuguy. bacuhawk. whatever.

the boy's nuts for these, so that's all that matters.

the boy hit the jacuzzi ...

... before we got back in our rented caddy and drove across the lovely state of arkansas.

we stopped in hardy.

i almost bought this bike.

i really wanted it. but the seat was rusted. too bad.

the ozarks are gorgeous. seriously.

but this was the little lady we were all about seeing.


she lives in branson, mo., and is 98 years old.

she is still as sweet, loving and kind as the day I met her.

until about a year ago she still walked two miles a day.

did i mention she always has a smile on her face?

she's my hero.

between grandma visits, we ran around hubz' old hometown, and even went down to the new fancy waterfront area.

there was a triathalon going on.

we also visited the older part of town, too, where they have loads of country music shows.

and we went to the city.

silver dollar city, that is.

here's hubz and the boy pretending to be pirates.

the boy had never been on an amusement park ride before, but he loved all of the ones that had water and splashing involved.

the idea was to shoot water guns at the people watching and trying to take pictures.

at least we all kept cool, but i wish i hadn't worn jeans.

one word: chafing.

here's me screaming my guts out.

here's after. look how funky my hair got.

and the chafing. oh, the chafing.

it was a trip down memory lane for hubz and i. he grew up in this town, and i vacationed here with my family when i was kid.

good times.

we also hit the outlet mall.

i won't give it away, but this is a sneak peek into what the boy is wearing for halloween. we found it at the disney store.

ok, i can't keep a secret. it's captain hook. and here's the boy's beloved auntie dawn.

how was your weekend?

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