Wednesday, August 25, 2010

what i'm eating wednesday volume 3

over the weekend i had the opportunity to see the frist's couture exhibit (again - this time slowly, with girlfriends).

we topped off our afternoon with a visit to urban flats in the gulch for a light nosh.

we gravitated toward the "flats" section of the menu, where we built two pizza appetizers. this one had roasted artichokes, baby spinach, wild mushroom, roasted red peppers, and goat cheese.

it came with an aioli sauce.


doesn't this look tempting?

i liked this one even better. fresh tomato, mozzarella and shrimp. mmmmm.

what a fun place. we are sure to return some evening for a girls' night out.

tune in later and i will try to post what i actually had for lunch today. which may or may not be as enticing as the above photos.

just sayin'.

UPDATE: i was wrong. my lunch today was fabulous. see below:

here's what i had today, wednesday 25. my friend laura and i went to fiddlecakes on 8th ave!
i had the tomato basil mozza panino. tasty!

she had the curried tofu, which she liked, except for the craisins.

the cupcakes are notoriously delish. and they're vegan!

we had the chocolate with peanut butter icing. super good.

what you are you eating? tell me, please!

1 comment:

Laura Elizabeth Fredlund said...

I'm eating left over Bean soup for lunch. Check it out on my blog! ;)

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