Sunday, August 15, 2010

bits of my weekend volume 12

hubz had a softball tournament saturday so the boy and i headed out bright and early to the nashville dragon boat festival. first, a chocolate almond popsicle from las paletas was in order.

then we hit the downtown riverfront, where the haze of clouds lulled us into thinking the weather might actually be pleasant, instead of the hades-like temperatures we've been having.

we were wrong.

we hit the jumpy thing right off the bat.

then there was an emergency trip to the porta potty. whew. just in time.

then the boy went up the big slide.

and down the big slide.

no fear. that's what almost-five looks like, people.

a cherry snow cone was our only hope for cooling off. it was roughly 250 degrees farenheit when you factor in humidity.

the boat races were super fun. and there were so many other cool things to do and see.

but we couldn't stand the heat. so we walked one block up and lo and behold ...

... a fantastic water feature in downtown nashville! i had no idea it was there.

don't tell anybody. it will be our secret.

the best part is, we made a new friend.

this is john paul.

after a short break and a change of clothes, we headed out to the frist center for the visual arts.

i wanted to see the couture. the boy had other plans.

we spent most of the time in the kids play area drawing, painting, using computers and doing print-making.

last, but not least, we noshed at the museum cafe before heading home for naps.

grilled cheese and home-made potato chips. yum.

and in case you are wondering, hubz indeed survived the heat during his grueling softball tournament. he was so sweaty when he got home we had to burn his softball uniform.

just kidding. but it was really grody.

what did you do this weekend?

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