Wednesday, August 11, 2010

"what i'm eating" wednesday, volume 1

for the next few wednesdays, i'm going to post pictures of the delicious food i've been eating.

this is the bean taco at taco mamacita. it's especially good because it's a perfectly seasoned bean patty nestled into a tasty bed of tomatoes, crunchy cabbage and zesty white sauce.

did you know taco mamacita has more than a dozen vegan-friendly dishes? well they do.

i'm not vegan, but i do find this gesture very, very kind, in light of the few options out there for vegans.

other great things about taco mamacita: affordable prices, a fantastic deck, and a killer poured-at-the-table tortilla soup.

here is what i actually had for lunch today - sushi from ken's - california roll and avocado roll.

what are you eating? join in the conversation!

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