Tuesday, July 27, 2010

granny camp: epilogue

recently i've become obsessed with vintage clothes and jewelry.

what luck to discover that my mom still has one of her bridesmaid dresses from her own wedding in the late 1950s.

here's my twinnie modeling it. isn't it grand?

one of my mom's bridesmaids returned it to her on her 50th wedding anniversary not long ago. wasn't that thoughtful?

can you believe she is letting me borrow it? if it were me, i don't know that i'd be that generous.

here's what it looked like back in 1958. gorgeous.

and speaking of generous, mom let her daughters borrow several beautiful pieces from our great-grandmother charlotte's vintage costume jewelry collection.

the broaches blew my mind.

what a stylish great-grandmother i had!

i'm so excited to play dress-up.

plans are under way for a vintage dress-up party. i'll keep you posted.

hugs to mom for sharing from this completely unexpected treasure trove.

1 comment:

Kelly said...

WOW!!! That dress is even more gorgeous than you described! How fun!

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