Friday, May 7, 2010

you know it's a disaster when anderson cooper shows up

one billion dollars in damage in nashville alone.

watch anderson cooper's video here.

kingston springs, where we lived for 11 years, has been hard hit. our friends at red tree coffee are leading the charge in the clean-up there, as well as in bellevue, which was devastated.

we've cancelled our beach vacation, and we hope to help with the recovery effort this weekend if the roads allow.

in the meantime, i'm working on our employee disaster resource web site, and tonight we're making cupcakes for the fire fighters of Station 17. (you do what you can!)

pray for more sunshine!

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Illinois Granny Blogger said...

Thanks for directing me to this report. I am overwhelmed by the destruction caused by something we all love - WATER. Can you give me a name of someone I can help personally.

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