Sunday, May 2, 2010

this is a first

We are rained in. The roads are deeply flooded. The power is out. It continues to rain. Could be a long day.

UPDATE: and it has been a long day. the rain continues and the city of nashville is flooded in numerous areas, causing homes to collapse, highways to become rivers, and cars to float away. i'm not exaggerating. it's that bad.

more than 150 boat rescues have taken place and the national guard was called in. eight people have died.

we pray the rain will end soon. luckily we have power back again and are safe and dry in our second story perch.

pray for nashville!

1 comment:

Kelle said...

Read your Article...Char sent it to me. It was awesome, Joan. Totally laughed at blonde Mary Poppins on steroids. Ha ha ha. can't wait to see you!

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