Monday, May 17, 2010

Bits of my Weekend volume 2

We spent most of Saturday helping out with the flood
clean-up in Kingston Springs, Tenn. We met at Red
Tree Coffee and got our assignment from there:
Foggy Bottom Canoe Rental.

the couple who have been running this beloved attraction
for several decades were shellshocked by the flood.
they could hardly bear to have people on their property,
gutting their home and office buildings, taking everything
they had and throwing it on a pile and hauling it away.

can you blame them?

they pulled their cars and canoes to higher ground before
the flood, but the house and office had to be gutted.

they put their cats in the attic until the water
overtook their home. then they paddled around in one of
the canoes, cut a hole in the wall and rescued the cats.

true story.

everything's coated in icky sticky mud and smells like
mold and mildew.

piles and piles of belongings, destroyed by flood water,
line the sides of the road.

this gas station marquee says it all.

Saturday night hubz and i took the boy to the mall to walk around (in the boy's case, it was more like running through the stores wildly, throwing his matchbox cars and chasing them - i know, i'm training him right.)

sunday morning we made blueberry muffins. we had
no eggs so added extra oil. believe it or not, they were

these are bits of my weekend. to see more bloggers'
bits of their weekends, or to join in, visit
Six in the City.


apsarawarrior said...

Thanks so much for sharing pictures of your volunteer work. It totally makes my day to see people paying it forward. :)

michelle from six in the city said...

You're right. That sign says it all. I know Nashville will recover. Love hearing the stories of how people are coming together helping each other.

sherilee said...

Sad, the devastation and loss. Good for you to help with the clean up! A worthwhile weekend activity, to say the least.

Michelle said...

Oh that flood is horrible. That's awesome you volunteer though. And that muffin looks good!

Dayna said...

Wow. We take a lot for granted, and should be very thankful. My heart aches for those people. It's so great that you guys are helping out.

I hope no one got hurt from the wheeled projectiles at the mall. ;-)

Kelly Tirman said...

Wow thanks for sharing these pictures. Very touching.

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