Monday, May 10, 2010

Bits of my weekend

being a mommy isn't something i expect praise for.

and with all the hurting people in nashville right
now after the devastating flood, dressing up and
going out for a fancy brunch was the last thing
on my mind.

so it was a different kind of mother's day.

we threw on jeans and went to our church, which is
in one of the hardest hit parts of town.

everyone hugged and told stories and cried.

it was where we needed to be.

our time was focused for the most part on reaching out.

we bought baby clothes for a family who lost their home.

we baked cupcakes for the firefighters.

but it wasn't all about sadness. we celebrated too.

we built leggo mansions.

we made indian food.

we played in the park.

we went for walks in the sunshine.

we stopped for a lavender French macaron.

and we played some more.

just another weekend, really, and that's the way it
should be. PS visit six in the city to see more bloggers'
weekend bits.


michelle from six in the city said...

I have friends and family in Nashville and am still stunned at the devastation there. Unbelievable.

Sounds like a lovely weekend doing what is important in life.

sherilee said...

Lovely pictures. So sorry for what your community is going through; how great to join together during these times.

Kelly Tirman said...

I really like the pic of you and your son. And the shot of your son flying on the swing is amazing as well. Looks like you had an amazing Mother's Day we ate waffles at home - over priced brunch is totally over rated.

Hope you have a good rest of the week!

Dayna said...

What a great perspective! By the way, y'all are so cute!

Legos and Indian food in the same place -- sounds inviting. I like it.

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