Friday, January 1, 2010

new year's resolutions

yeah, i know, these things never work out. i say i'm going to do things and then i don't. i make resolutions and i don't keep them.

well, smarty pants, how's this: this year, i resolve to keep my resolutions.

and just to show you i'm serious, i invite all of my blog readers to check in with me on jan. 1, 2011, and see if i've done the things i'm about to list below.

k? k.

{{{deep breath}}}

this year i will ...

move to the city. i'm envisioning a city apartment in a high rise. very simple and elegant and close to everything including the boy's school and his friends and my work. the place will be all about friends and family and laughter. there will be spongebob on the flat screen and bing crosby music and cupcakes and one fantastic view.

start my novel. or at least complete one short story. something fiction. it can be a thinly veiled memoir but as long as the names are changed, it still counts.

travel to new york city. at least once. it is absolutely imperative for my mental health.

travel to naples, fla., and hang out on the beach with my sisters, the boy, and all his cousins. i want to see them frolicking in the waves like crazy.

get some freelance articles published. time to get back on the horse.

have an artist design a cartoon of my likeness for my blog. red hair and funky glasses are a must. just for fun.

get a good camera so i can take gorgeous photos for my blog instead of running a multitude of crap-berry shots. i'm so, so, sorry about that, by the way.

fly to SoCal for the weekend and have coffee with my twin at le pain quotidien in claremont before watching an indie film at the laemmle's. must happen.

take my boy on a cool road trip, like to the aquarium in atlanta for a fabulous weekend of fish, fish and more fish. do they have squid? he would like that.

get a raise. i can't physically do that myself, but i can put it out into the universe, right?

get really good at baking cupcakes and start donating them to a good cause, like the homeless shelter, nashville cares or ronald mcdonald house. that would be cool.

get back into doing yoga regularly. i need it bad. i want to do the kind of yoga jennifer aniston does, because she is in some seriously good shape. and i would like to be in good shape too. i won't commit to going to the gym regularly, because that would be too ambitious. but the yoga thing i can do.

read more books.

love people more.

complain less.

see my family way more often.

take more risks.

look out, 2010, here i come.

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Beth Skinner said...

My new year's resolution is to be kinder to Ava and John, which may be harder than your resolution list......
I'm so excited for you that you are moving to Nashville and very excited if you get a cool place like you are envisioning. You already make great cupcakes!!!! Good luck on your writing. I would be very interested in reading any articles or short stories you write, and I will definitely read your novel when it is complete. I admire your list. GOOD LUCK!!!!!!

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