Thursday, December 31, 2009

Porta Via

just one more post for 2009.

my friends invited me to lunch today and i was pleasantly surprised by porta via ("italian take-out") on white bridge road.

it has a great cal-italia bistro kind of vibe. the first thing you see when you come in is a glass case with home-made gelato in exotic flavors.

the servers are sharply dressed and ours was an adorable lad with an even more adorable italian accent. he greeted us with a basket of olive oil-basted flat bread and focaccia - yum.

we ordered a variety of pizzas, which were hot, crispy and tasty. the ingredients were of the real italian sort - lots of salty pancetta and prosciutto, fresh roma tomatoes, buffalo cheese and fresh basil leaves.

can't wait to go back for dinner to sample the wines and antipasti.

oh, and we sampled the gelato on the way out, and they were rich and decadent. something i'll dream about tonight, i'm sure.

check them out here.

you will certainly enjoy.

happy new year!

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