Tuesday, November 17, 2009

i'm finally ok with the bouncy party.

a while back i mentioned how unready I felt to take the boy to the requisite birthday bouncy parties.

those of you who are moms know what i'm talking about. they're held at places like pump it up and bounce u. the kids bounce like crazy, eat cake and then collapse from exhaustion and sugar overload. i was pretty sure this could lead to no good.

i declined most of the invitations until recently. the boy was invited to a bouncy party and he was keen to go. he looked at the invitation every day on the way to school and back for two straight weeks.

in short, he was very, very excited about it. so, we went.

to date, we've been to a grand total of two of them, and you know what? they're not so bad.

the boy played well. there were no tears. no blood. no vomiting.

no heads knocked together. no eyes poked. no pinched fingers.

in fact, not only did the boy have fun, but i did too. either he's growing up or i'm getting more comfortable with this whole mothering thing.

maybe both.

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