Wednesday, June 17, 2009

eat. bounce. barf.

The boy is almost 4 - and he's getting invited to birthday parties. Lots of them.

So far I've been very selective. I'm leery of gatherings in which kids, sugar and bouncing paraphernalia are involved. I mean, doesn't it seem like a recipe for busted heads and upset tummies?

I know, I know. I'm being overly protective. But I'm just not ready for all this. I mean, he's 3 years old. (OK, nearly 4, but still.)

I'm afraid once he enters the world of Bounce-U and sugar overload and goody bags he might never be satisfied with the simple things in life ever again.

For his birthday last year my parents were in town. I picked up cupcakes and he opened one or two gifts and we played. We went on a walk, picked flowers, looked for snails and toads and chased butterflies. It was an awesome day.

Once he's bounced his guts out in an inflatable castle with a belly full of cake while his friend tore through a mountain of presents, will he find my cupcake parties and nature walks boring?

Oh, I know I'm totally overreacting and before long, we'll be hitting the birthday party circuit with gusto.

And I'm sure he'll have the time of his life with his friends and make some amazing memories. Me? I'll be sitting on the sidelines, thinking about the first time he discovered fireflies. Hopefully he'll remember that too.

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