Saturday, October 10, 2009


last night i attended the most amazing event. it was a cocktail reception and dinner with the authors featured at the southern festival of books, which is going on this weekend in nashville. seated at the tables with us mere earthlings were authors like roy blount, alice randall, and john seigenthaler to name a few.

you may worship actors or athletes - authors are my superstars.

seated at our table was A. Manette Ansay, a new york times best-selling author who had a book on oprah's book club. we each got a copy of her new book: good things I wish you: a novel.

she barely got a chance to eat the luscious dinner as we picked her brain for writing tips. oh, and the dinner: a salad of poached pear and fall greens; a wild mushroom stuffed breast of guinea hen with a bourbon demi glace; and a fabulous maple glazed pumpkin tart with a bittersweet chocolate crust, bathed in a creme anglaise. heaven.

what could not be more appalling about the whole thing is my photography. i didn't bring a decent camera and my blackberry is pathetic in dim surroundings. i regret not being able to capture every moment of it in pristine detail:

the exquisite calligraphy on the place settings.

the tree centerpieces decked with tiny birds.

tiny books atop stir sticks for the signature cocktail ("the page turner," of course,") served in silver mint julep glasses.

it was a dream. guess it's time for me to stop dreaming and start writing a book of my own. i may succeed or fail but there is only one way to find out.

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