Friday, October 9, 2009

baby, I'm back

let me explain.

i fell in love with cupcakes about a year and a half ago when i was assigned to write an article on the cupcake shop explosion in nashville for the local paper, the tennessean. i started baking like crazy and applied myself diligently to becoming the best little cupcake maker i could be. what fun.

my friends (and the boy's teachers) loved it that i always showed up with cupcakes. rich buttercream icing. fancy baking cups. edible glitter. creative home-made toppers. it was fun being known as the cupcake lady.

and then. it happened.


as i began talking to other women who bake, i sensed something negative. something competitive. many were supportive, but a few found ways to let me know i wasn't up to their level.

it knocked me for a loop.

i started feeling like what i had to offer wasn't good enough. it stopped being fun.

yesterday i hit rock bottom when i showed up to the boy's class potluck with store-bought cupcakes. i just couldn't bring myself to get into the kitchen. the boy looked at the brightly colored, shortening-laced icing and turned up his nose.

"my friends and i like your cupcakes, mommy. the lemon ones. why didn't you make some of those?"

so when i got home i drug out my mixer, dusted it off, set aside my wounded pride and started doing what i do best. making my own crazy mixed up cupcakes, using some upscale ingredients and some plain old store-bought ingredients too.

and you know what? it felt good.

here's the boy and his buddy isaac doing what they do best: eating cupcakes!

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Cakes By Shara said...

I am sure your cupcakes are yummy! Buttercream add a little salt to cut the intense sweet that it can have. but add LOTS of powered sugar to make it stiff and real vanilla or real vanilla bean paste. The lemon oil SweetWise carries is great in icing too. My daughter was sick of my cupcakes and likes publix icing (brill) at times LOL but she is a cake girl not icing unless it is dark chocolate.

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