Friday, January 2, 2009

I'm the cupcake boy! I'm the cupcake boy!

That's what Jack Henry shouted as I called him into the kitchen to sample my latest creation: the creamsicle cupcake, a rich orange cupcake with cream cheese icing laced with a hint of fresh-squeezed citrus orange. But his excitement quickly faded. He jumped into his seat, took a bite and flinched, ever so slightly as he swallowed.

"You don't like it honey?"

"Um ...... no, Mommy."

"Why? Mommy made these nice cupcakes just for you! Aren't they yummy?"

"Um, I like the cake, but the icing ..."

"You don't like the icing?"

"No. It doesn't look good. And it doesn't taste ..."

"Doesn't taste good?"

"Um .... no. That's all I want for now, Mommy. I'm going to go watch Shrek."

"But the cake! Come back! You said you liked the cake! Don't you at least want to eat the cake ..."

I'm pathetic.


Jessica said...

I am so impressed with your relentless pursuit to create the perfect cupcake! I saw some adorable cupcake knit hats on Etsy yesterday and thought of you!

Joan said...

I don't know what's come over me. Ever since I wrote that article for the Rage on cupcakes I'm completely obsessed. The fun part is giving them away. I'm not that tempted to eat them, ironically.

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