Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy new year, indeed!

What a great way to ring in 2009. Vandy wins its first bowl in 53 years. The 'Dores pulled off a 16-14 win over Boston College at the Music City Bowl: their first bowl victory since a 1955 victory over Auburn in the Gator Bowl.

Just goes to show you, anything is possible! Go for your dreams in 2009! Happy New Year!


Jessica said...

I was happy about the victory, but whoever decided to blow a horn at Vandy stadium regularly over period of a couple hours after the game ended should be tarred and feathered. It was so annoying!

Joan said...

I think I ran into that guy at Q-doba about an hour and a half before the game. He fired it off in the restaurant and brought the place to a standstill.

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