Thursday, October 30, 2008

50 years: John and Norma

Mom and Dad met around 1956. He played basketball at Morton High School in Morton, Ill. She was a cheerleader at a neighboring school. Dad says he and his friends were driving around in his champagne-colored Chevy and spotted mom and her girlfriends chatting on the porch of a house they were passing by. The rest is history.

They went to the senior prom together and got married in 1958 after Dad spent 18 months in the Army, including a stint in Korea.

Their first child, David, was born in 1960.

Dad worked on the family farm while mom stayed home with her baby. Dad worked the fields, managed the livestock, maintained a perfectly manicured lawn and also worked at his parents farm, the Yordy Turkey Farm.

In 1961, Charlotte came along. Then three years later, surprise: Twins! Jean and Joan arrived in 1964.

Over the years they have been models of Christian service. Both Dad and Mom have given to the community in so many ways. In addition to being a farmer, Dad was a street preacher for many years, not only in his own community but made many evangelistic trips to the poorest regions of Jamaica. He still preaches and sings at nursing homes and visits shut-ins every Sunday. He is a tireless worker, still, especially when there is a woodworking project to be done.

Mom is equally generous. She devotes all her time to helping others, including numerous trips to minister to the women of Eastern Europe. She also is devoted to her church, including overseeing the women's craft fair and numerous other projects.

These days, they are known as "Granny and Boppo" to their five grandsons, Ashford, Drake, Jackson, Isaiah and Jack Henry. Each summer, they hold what is affectionately known as "Granny Camp," in which the kids come for non-stop games and activities. No two people could be more wild about their grandkids.

Mom and Dad, though we are far away, your children love and miss you dearly. You have been there for all of us during good times and bad, and we can't thank you enough.

Happy Anniversary!

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