Monday, August 18, 2008

What we have here is a failure to communicate

Hubby needed to drive out to Franklin to pick up something from a buddy of his, so we all loaded up in the car on Saturday and took a drive. All the way, Jack Henry kept saying, "We're going to Franklin's." I didn't realize that he thought we were going to see Franklin the Turtle, a cartoon character he enjoys watching on TV. On the way back home he kept saying, "When are we going to Franklin's? Where's Franklin? I want to play with Franklin! I want him to be my friend!" He couldn't understand why he couldn't see Franklin. I tried to explain that Franklin is not real, he's a cartoon character. And that we had gone to a town named Franklin, and were not actually going to see Franklin the Turtle. Betrayed! He was reduced to bitter and unrelenting tears. The solution: a trip to Toys R Us. That got his mind off of it but I still don't think he completely understands. From now on, no more use of the F-word at our house.
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