Tuesday, August 26, 2008

What new mommy really needs

OK, put down that breast pump. Walk away from the diaper aisle. Onesies and wipes? Forget it. Your friend who just had a baby doesn't need anymore of that stuff. What she really needs is something to help her feel fabulous. Yes, you heard that right. She is recovering from one of the most exhausting physical events of her life, having spent nine months dealing with pregnancy (and believe me, that's no piece of cake), topped off by hours of painful labor and/or surgery to remove the giant kid from her belly. So quit being all practical and get her what she really needs:

1. Matches. To burn her maternity clothes.
2. Super soft comfy sweat pants. She won't be able to fit into her regular clothes, and if you will recall, the maternity clothes are toast.
3. Decadent lotions and bath bubbles. Essential for the rare few minutes she'll have to herself.
4. DVDs of her favorite shows. Imperative for those late night feedings.
5. Gift certificates to her favorite stores (not kids stores).
6. Food. Hubby is burning everything and she's sick of take-out.
7. Fashion magazines and tabloids. It's a little vacation for the tired mind.
8. Victoria's Secret support panties. This is an absolute necessity.
9. Cupcakes. They always make me feel fabulous.
10. Lip Gloss. Because even with hair askew and make-up off, lip gloss makes you feel like a million bucks.

And now for the services you can provide. She probably won't let you babysit, as new moms usually have a hard time doing that. Offer, but don't be surprised if she says no. Here's what you CAN do:

1. Help her pull together the birth announcements. This is huge.
2. Borrow a good camera and take pictures and videos of the baby.
3. Create a Web site and post the photos and videos for her family and friends.
4. Bring over a keepsake box and start collecting the important relics and ephemera for the baby book, including hospital bracelets, etc., before they get lost.
5. Handle her gift returns and exchanges.
6. If you're coming over, show up with some yummy food and a sack of infant diapers.
7. Offer to hold the baby while mommy takes a bath (or nap!).
8. Take her out for a mandatory mommy's night out, preferably once a week.
9. Listen. She will need to talk and maybe cry a little bit, so just let her do her thing.
10. Make her laugh. Let her know she's going to be the best mom ever.

What have I left out? Leave me a post.
PS this photo of Jack Henry on his second day of life was taken by the uber-talented photog Daniel Dubois.


Jessica said...

Ohh this is great! I think if I get one of these things from a friend I will be in heaven. These are lovely tips.

Antwan said...

What about pedicures?

Jean said...

You should write a daily column! This is sheer brilliance! And I'm not just saying that becuase we share the same DNA.

Anonymous said...

I think taking the older child out for a playdate is also a big help.

Jessica said...

I always love reading your blogs!!

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