Monday, August 4, 2008

Snake Tango: part deux

Again, these are not the actual snakes we saw, but I wanted to give you a visual on what it looks like when the snakes are upright like this in the water. Freaky. The second part of the story is that right by the snakes were a couple of backpacks, fishing rods and tackleboxes, and we couldn't help wondering where the people were to whom these belonged. So we went looking for them, to warn them of the snake hazard near by. (These snakes can deliver an extremely painful and sometimes lethal bite, and are known for their aggression.) We found the young ladies - they were fishing and floating blissfully in the snake-infested river nearby. When we let them know their things were within biting distance of venomous snakes, they of course shrieked with panic, especially since their keys, wallets and i-phones were inside one of the backpacks. Hubby, being the gentleman that he is, braved the snakes, fishing rod in hand for protection, and rescued said valuables. Turns out that the mother of one of the young ladies works in my building, and is someone I've had lunch with on several occasions! To summarize: Snakes-bad; Hubby-good; Child-not permanently scarred; i-phone-rescued. Moral of the story: Duh! Don't go in the river! And if you do, bring a camera to capture the mayhem.

1 comment:

kim fuller said...

snake noogie is seriously creepy. I was at my uncles house in france when I was in college and that was the one and only time I've seen it live and in person. creeped me out for a looong time after.

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