Saturday, August 2, 2008

Happy Saturday!

We hit the mall early this morning once again, this time for the adorable Adidas sneakers I wanted for Jack Henry. We had a perfect morning together, and even rode the little choo-choo train that takes you all around the mall. What fun until we got off the train and JH went into full on meltdown mode when he saw our rented stroller was not where we'd left it. Gone. He was clearly hungry and tired, since it was noon, so I headed for the Pretzel Wetzel Dog stand. But by then it was too late for damage control. My only-moments-before blissful child had progressed into full-on nuclear meltdown mode. I got him to the car quickly as he screamed, and as I unlocked the door, he stood next to the car and peed himself in total and utter frustration ... all over his brand new Adidas sneakers. This photo serves as a cautionary tale. Toddlers are volatile beings. Beware.

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