Wednesday, August 20, 2008

It's a wrap!

As of last night, Hubby is finally done scoring his first movie. It's called Billy: The Early Years and it's a feature film about the Rev. Billy Graham when he was a young man. Filmed in Tennessee, the parts I have seen are really lovely to look at, and of course the music is out of this world. Hubs has a great talent for composing orchestral music that will tear your heart out. It's lovely. And surrounding himself with some of the finest orchestrators, players, engineers and producers (a.k.a. his best buddies and softball pals) didn't hurt. This is the kind of work Hubs was born to do. When he was in kindergarten he was known to hold a cassette player up to the TV so he could record the theme songs of his favorite shows. The movie will be in theaters (in limited release) Oct. 10. Notable actors in the film include Armie Hammer and Martin Landau and it is directed by Robby Benson. Visit the Web site to see a "making of video." I'm so proud I could bust. (PS this image is by photographer extraordinaire Daniel Dubois.)

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