Thursday, August 28, 2008

Hubs is busy again

No, not another music project. He's unwinding from the craziness of the past few months with an elaborate landscaping project. The yard is normally his pride and joy but he let it go all summer long. The grass burned up, weeds filled the flower beds and wasps nested in the barbecue grill. But there is progress. Here's evidence of phase one: new shrubs and mulch, plus some new rock edging. He's having some professionals come today to grate the yard and re-seed it. Then he's going to have new gravel delivered for our long, winding driveway. Oh. And he's planting trees. And putting in some rock paths. And having landscapers come to build a stacked stone wall to edge off the driveway. And he's power washing and re-staining the decks. Yeah, he's in hog heaven. Doin' man stuff.

1 comment:

Hubby said...

Doing Man stuff... Yeah that's right... man stuff. The kind of work only a Man can do... O.K. ... not really. Joan is quite good at helping in the yard. She sits in the shade, drinking lemonade and eating fresh baked cupcakes, and says things like, "I think We should plant something over there", or, "What if We built a patio over there". I usually end up doing all the work. I don't mind... I love to work in the yard. Besides... it's all about the Man stuff. That's right... Man stuff!!

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