Wednesday, April 24, 2013

the perfect antidote to writer's block.

art and soul is an inspiring place. Attend workshops here, or rent a space to paint and create.
i took part in a cool writing circle workshop a few weeks ago, and thought i'd share one of the pieces i wrote.

this is my only photo. i was tempted to take more, but it really was a rare experience in which you simply want to experience it, and you can't do that if you're tweeting, facebooking and instagramming. yep, right off the bat, it was iphone = off.

the gathering was held at art and soul in 12 South. if you ever get the chance to do one of these (whether an experienced writer or neophyte) please do. it's life changing.

the theme of the event was "rites of spring."

we began in the muddy earth of our souls, in which we wrote to our hearts content as phil madeira (from emmylou harris' band) played awesome gritty blues guitar tunes.

we wrote and shared our pieces and it was like therapy, yoga and church all wrapped in one.

later, we moved from our muddy blues into the fresh, new beginnings of spring.

while treated to the live musical stylings of the great molly felder, we were prompted to approach spring in our own way. here was mine:

spring has come
so soon 
at last
winter's blues 
are melting fast
beckoned by the wily breeze
i join the dance above the trees
on leaves take flight
all fears releasing
sorrow's power 
fast decreasing
soaring wild on blue jay's wings
no longer safe from spring

this is just a tiny glimpse into the many pieces i've been able to write as a result of this amazing program (workshops and bi-weekly gatherings), led by the fantastic and beautiful merrill farnsworth.

in the future, i hope to publish a series of short stories and then a novella or novel.

my writing has improved and grown so much, and writer's block is banished. huzzah!

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