Thursday, March 21, 2013

Suze Orman's got nothing on this lady.

Me: "Whenever I see a penny, and it's face up, I pick it up, because it's good luck."

Mom: Whenever I see a penny, I pick it up, because it's worth a penny."

This is the gal who taught me to save money. She is the best shopper, treasure hunter and bargain getter I know. She's also the most generous.

When she came to town recently, I took her out for a fancy breakfast at Provence Breads. She would never splurge on such a thing for herself. If she found a $100 bill on the street, the first thing she would think is...

"Ooooooh, who can I give this to?"

Thanks, Mom, for teaching me how managing your own money is the most empowering thing a woman can do.

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