Friday, March 29, 2013

how to get the best deal at that big coffee chain.

hey, sometimes you just want to splurge on a fancy-pants coffee, but you don't want to overspend. here's how i save money while getting exactly what i want.

at the 'bucks, they have three basic sizes, yes?

tall (12 oz)
grande (16 oz)
venti (20 oz)

but wait - that's too much coffee for me and i hate dumping out what i can't drink.

so here's what i do: i order a "short" coffee with room for cream. it's not on the menu, but they'll give it to you without batting an eye (or giving you the stink-eye).

It's really a kid's size (for hot chocolate -- see the photo) but you can ask for a short coffee (8 oz) and you pay less and waste less! I can't drink an entire tall coffee, much less a grande or venti, can you?

oh - and the short coffee is just $1.69 with tax, and it's the perfect size and the perfect price.

PS look how little my little boy looks in this old photo. he is getting so big so fast. yikes!

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