Wednesday, March 27, 2013

sparkle. shine. save.

here is a heavily instagrammed/airbrushed image of me in my fancy sparkly dress that i bought and wore out a few months ago. (look ma! no crows' feet!)

the dress is black, has a fabbiluss bejeweled neckline and cutout shoulders. basically, it's what a choir robe wants to be when it grows up.

i wore it with my high heel boots (a steal at Marti and Liz) and wound up feeling like a million bucks on a night out with my friend young jenny who was celebrating her new job. (1808 grille is quite within budget when you go on a weekday during happy hour, by the way.)

this $150 dress only set me back $10 at a private sale at the home of a local boutique-owner.


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