Monday, November 26, 2012

busy. thankful.

click on the collage to enlarge.
it was a joyful thanksgiving weekend. i got the boy a new (old) desk at the flea market (photos to come) and spent a lot of time visiting with friends.

here's one of the thanksgiving feasts i took part in, at a cool germantown loft in nashville.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting... I think the painting in the #6 position (based on a keypad) is of Truman Capote. At least it could be him. Capote wrote a couple of holiday short stories that I have read to 5th graders for the past 8 years. It started with my daughter's class, continued with my son's class, and the teacher, students, and I have enjoyed it enough to make it a "tradition". The stories, A Thanksgiving Visitor and A Christmas Memory, are set in rural Alabama in the early 1930's. If there is a writer that was more of a master of descriptive language than Capote, I don't know who it is. When you have finished these stories you have taken a bath in southern culture circa 1930's. Now I am a boy born and bred in the midwest, and there is a lot of the midwest I will never be able to get out of me (and don't want to get out of me), but my mother and her family are from Alabama. I've lived here for 30 years, and I have accepted and adopted much of the southern culture. Being a midwestern girl yourself and an admitted book lover, I am curious if you know of any writers (and their stories) which focus on what life was like in the midwest in the mid 20th century?

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